Our Services

Some of the services patient advocates provide include:

  • Bedside support
  • Appointment attendance – medical, work, attorney, insurance
  • Research medical information pertaining to specific diagnoses, treatment options, facility placement, medications, etc.
  • Healthcare provider coordination and communication
  • Obtaining, collating, reviewing your medical records and information
  • Provide documentation regarding information obtained during medical appointments, communication with providers or at the bedside
  • Translating medical information into language you can fully understand so you can make informed decisions regarding your/your loved one’s care
  • Insurance & medical billing review, interpretation and negotiation
  • Medication review
  • End of life planning and support
  • Mediation & negotiation – family members, providers, attorneys, insurance, employer
  • Education
  • Mental health/substance abuse
  • Facility placement
  • Alternative treatment options
  • Coaching
  • Help you define your healthcare goals and expectations for outcome

When do you need a Patient Advocate?

  • When facing a bewildering, confusing or frightening healthcare issue
  • When you need help navigating the crazy healthcare maze
  • When you need advice regarding a new or complicated diagnosis
  • When you need someone to be your voice and express concerns, ask questions or pursue options on your behalf
  • When you need help in gathering, sorting and reviewing information
  • When you need someone to attend an appointment with a loved one or someone you provide oversight in your absence
  • When you need guidance and support for end-of-life issues

What a patient advocate does NOT do:

  • Provide hands-on care
  • Personally transport clients
  • Make decisions for patients and/or their family and caregivers
  • Function as personal representative, legal guardian or conservator for an individual


We are by your side when you need us providing guidance and support – hospital, medical office, therapy, home services and everything in between.

Case Management

We provide medical records review, appointment preparation, coordination and attendance and communication with your healthcare team.


We provide assistance with medical billing and insurance issues, guardianship/conservatorship medical decisions, and medical disability assignments.

End of Life

We coordinate facility placement and in-home services and will assist with decision-making for hospice and palliative care.

Mental Health

We offer guidance and support for mental health and substance abuse issues and treatment.

Supplementary Care

We assist with dental and vision problems, outpatient therapy and rehab services.

Prevention & Wellness

We offer medication review, coaching for weight loss or pain management and review alternative treatment options.


We assist with healthcare issues pertaining to personal injury, workers' compensation, return to work, disability, guardianship and conservatorship.

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