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Leesa has been a Registered Nurse for over 35 years. She has a vast amount of experience in healthcare from addressing the simplest of injuries or illnesses to the most complex and life threatening. However, she has realized that many people struggle with the emotional and business aspects of healthcare that bring paralyzing confusion that deters them from making wise and prudent decisions for themselves and those they love. She obtained a Bachelors Degree in Nursing accompanied by a Masters in Business Administration. She focused on global marketing and business ventures in her MBA studies and has traveled to various locations throughout the world. She has participated in many healthcare related conferences, workshops, and seminars, taught at the university level and obtained several certifications over the years pertaining to healthcare.

She has a very eclectic business background. Her areas of experience and expertise include: critical care – ICU, CCU, ER; crisis intervention, behavioral health, substance abuse, infectious disease, IT/EMR implementation and project management, healthcare management, workers’ compensation case management – infectious disease, acute trauma, orthopedic, dental and vision, facility placement, mental health, chronic pain, return to work assessment, and employer mediation and negotiation; natural foods buying club owner/operator, and implemented a successful school fundraising program.

Leesa brings clarity and support in navigating the complex healthcare system.  She never hesitates in asking difficult questions in an effort to find answers. She is keenly aware of business aspects in healthcare that many overlook as part of the equation in dealing with providers and healthcare workers. Her critical thinking comes from years of managing and coordinating complex projects in various arenas. Her project management skills equip her to create an effective plan of action in obtaining outcomes that fulfill her client’s goals and needs. Her business insight forms consumer awareness in healthcare decision-making which ultimately leads to financial control.

Her comprehensive understanding of the healthcare system equips her in facilitating best outcomes with providers and all invested parties involved with the patient’s care. She works within the existing healthcare structure playing by the rules, but brings a fresh perspective to facilitate clarity and better outcomes.

Her experience as a case manager in workers’ compensation provides guidance for both the employer and injured worker. Leesa recognizes that an injured worker is caught between their employer, insurance company and provider, who all present varying goals for outcome. She has experience working with employers in various industries, personal injury attorneys, providers in many different specialties and insurance claims adjusters and their legal representatives.

Leesa possesses an innate ability in explaining complex issues. She easily translates medical language in a way that breaks down barriers to understanding.

Leesa acknowledges the effectiveness of some alternative medical treatments while incorporating conventional options allowing the individual to choose what they feel most comfortable using. She understands the challenges in choosing integrative medicine over conventional therapy and will support her clients through the treatment selection process no matter what direction they decide to take. She knows that ultimately the patient needs to feel in control of their treatment decisions and facilitates the entire care team in supporting her client’s decisions.

Leesa is married and has 5 adult children, 3 grandchildren and a black Labrador.

Leesa Ackermann
Health Advocate

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